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Contemporary American artist Rouge Jungle seeks to capture the world in its rawest form through his visual art. His perspective spans a few places and professions: cultures and countries. Since his first show in 2018, Rouge Jungle has combined photography and graphic design to create authentic art that reflects his values and experiences.


Through his work, he uses darkness and light as a means of human transformation: allowing him to reveal the beauty of his subjects and reflect the human experience. Jungle's more recent art embraces the female form and asks the audience to explore and expand their views of sensuality and its possibilities for artistic expression.


While collaborations and community in the art world undoubtedly hold value, it's important: that artists are individually rewarded and respected based on their labor and contributions. His work is his own, unencumbered by the commodification and confines of others. Through ownership, we often find freedom. It's this freedom that nurtures the ability to truly shape and share his art.


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